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"AIR FRANCE propellers"

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Exceptional sale of original gouaches

Golden Creek Studio is selling a selection of original gouaches used for the cover of "Fana de l'Aviation", a monthly french magazine for aviation enthusiasts.

Size is 19.7' by 25.6'

Internet might not be the best way to express the exceptional color depth of the gouaches and the fantastic representation of beautiful fuselages. Contact us to have the whole listing of available gouaches and pictures.

Golden Creek Studio
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About Perinotto

Perinotto's passion and genuine talent led him to be invited in 1992 to join the selected group of French official aviation artits. His black and white oil paintings gained him a strong reputation very quickly. His simple and effective style, combined with an incredible handling of light, give his work and exceptionnal vitality. He also likes playing with shades and colours; his numerous colour paintings show a particular bias towards the deep blue colours. Today, he is undoubtedly the most talented aviation artist in France.
Propliners and WWII fighters are Perinotto's passion . With his planes, you can hear the noise of the engines, you can feel the stress of a pilot engaged in an air combat, you can dream of the thrill of crossing the atlantic ocean aboard a Constellation.
Perinotto's style remain
s unique: in all his paintings, the heroe is a legendary airplane that takes most of the space on the canvas, with impressive perspectives that make you feel as if you were part of the action. Also, Perinotto always integrate in his backgrounds subtle, but realistic details which are full of symbols and nostalgy.

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