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AIR FRANCE Propellers

a portfolio by PERINOTTO

10 superb art prints by official French aviation artist PERINOTTO, presented in a portfolio embossed with the original Air France pegasus and complemented with a large-size booklet of stories illustrated with many sketches by the artist.

AIR FRANCE in the 50's

Golden Creek Studio worked with Musée Air France to develop a portolio of fine art prints that would commerate Air France’s formidable expansion after WWII, at a time when commercial aviation was just a dream for most people.
rom 1945 to 1960
, the fundamentals of air transportation drastically changed: airplanes replaced seaplanes, North America and Europe were connected non-stop, speed increased 2-fold, cruising altitude 3-fold, passenger capacity 5-fold and range 6-fold. And all that, with propeller airplanes !
Air France did take advantage of the opportunities offered by these significant advances to build the largest network in the world and secure a major and sustainable position in the airline world.


Lucio Perinotto's talents led him to be recognized in 1992 as a French official aviation artists. Winning many awards, he is now recognized as the most talented aviation artist in France.
is first black & white oil paintings of propliners were released in 1996. The lack of colour and his simple but effective style give his work an exceptional vitality, due to incredible handling of light and shade.
Who better than Perinotto could bring Air France propliners back to life? Perinotto composed 10 exclusive black & white oil canvases
for Golden Creek Studio; each canvas commemorates a different Air France propliner, from the impressive Laecoere 631 seaplane to the elegant, but short-lived Super Starliner.

A master piece of AVIATION ART
limited edition, signed by PERINOTTO

Each painting has been reproduced to the highest standard, using superior quality, acid-free paper ; the reproduction size is 19.7"x15.8" (50x40cm), similar to the original 19th century portfolios.
his is a limited edition of 500 only. The 10 different prints, along with an illustration-rich, 12-page booklet (in both english and french) that tells the story of each propliners, are presented in a custom-designed folder that is stamped with the original Air France pegasus.
Each portfolio is numbered 1 to 500 and signed by Perinotto.
It is the only limited edition and signed item that commemorates Air France in the 50's : a rare Air France collectible, loaded with nostalgia, developped with the support of Musée Air France.

Super Starliner   40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

DC 4  40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Constellation  40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Vickers Viscount   40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Languedoc 40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Latécoère 631    40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

DC 3   40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Breguet Provence  40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Super Constellation   40x50  (15 7"x19 7")

Constellation: night departure    40x100 (15 7"x39 4")

A large-size story book

The portfolio also includes a 12-page booklet (11 8"x15 7") with detailed information about each of the 10 aircraft types that Air France operated between 1945 and 1960. The booklet is generously illustrated with pencil sketches that Perinotto made to produce the 10 original oil paintings.
Texts are in both english and french.

"Air France Propellers" portfolio: 199€ / 220US$
500 prints, numbered and signed

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