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This is the first artprint of the "1939/1945 by PERINOTTO" collection, published by Golden Creek Studio. It shows a B-24 Liberator under attack by a Focke-Wulf Fw190. From 1943 until the end of World War II, the US Air Force launched massive waves of bombing, targeted to the occupied zones in Europe; because those operations were taking place during the day, the Luftwaffe was using the Fw190, a fighter renowned for its capabilities in daylight conditions.

Perinotto produced the original gouache for a frontcover of the "Fana de l’Aviation", the most popular magazine for french-speaking aviation enthusiasts. Such a masterpiece deserved a high-quality print and a large print size, actually the same size as the original gouache (20'x26').
                                -> large print size 24"x30" (60x75) - the actual picture is 20"x26" (50x65)
                                -> 99-limited print size, artprints are numbered 1 to 99
                                -> signed by PERINOTTO
                                -> unit price 99.00 € (+s&h)
                                -> shipment in a very sturdy packaging

There are only 99 copies (and not one more) of "FRONTAL ATTACK": proceed to order
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99 copies only !

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